Guardians of Victoria is a Steampunk platformer that gives players the control over three unique characters- Brella, Cutlass and Firearm, named for their weapons of choice. Each character has their own level to play in the Victorian sky city of Victoria. Run, jump, glide, and shoot your way across 12 long and challenging levels before finishing in a daring shoot-out where you take control of the Guardian's flying pirate ship. If you love artsy platformers with a challenge then this is the game for you!

Rise up as a fellow guardian, unlock the comic book story of Ripper and Zeal, upgrade your characters stats, try out your combat skills in the training arena, and take back the city



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The game features:





 Welcome to the guide and walkthrough Guardians! Here you can learn the skills needed to become a superior Guardian.



Brella is the kind of character most would under-rate. But she is deadly mover with a killer weapon. You can utilise her to glide from rooftop to rooftop. She uses her Umbrella for everything- from combat to movement!


How to glide

Gliding has tricks to it, but once you know how it is super-easy. When stood still or running, press the jump button on gamepad (A) then press the left trigger. This tells Brella to open up her umbrella and glide in which ever direction you choose! For keyboards, simple press your up arrow or W once to jump normal, then whilst in the air, press it again! For higher jumps, press it quicker!

How to glide where will take some practice, but don't give up! Grow Brella through upgrades, so that she glides higher and faster.



Brella has a simple but very useful move to hurt her enemies. Pave the way by pressing E or gamepad B. Brella spins in mid-air or on the ground, nothing stops her! This is very effective for damaging the enemies that Ripper likes to summon from the clouds above!




Cutlass is a powerful character for combat. She is also smooth in how she moves from platform to platform, bursting through windows and riding machines! Skills that come from hopping ships!


Cutlass has a very important double-jump. The missions she and you go on are designed for her! Double-jump is the same as any game, just press the jump button twice. Not pressing the second time immediately is imporant to make some gaps. Jump one and get as far as you can, then jump again to make the rest! More jumps in most levels are long rather than high.


Combat for Cutlass is simple, but it must be done on the ground, either stood still or running, pressing E or gamepad B, and she will slash her sword in the direction she faces!





Firearm is a tricky character that involves a lot of multi-tasking on your half! He is a dead-shot but he needs your help!



Keyboards and Gamepads work quite differently, so they're sectioned off.

Keyboards- You must use a mouse with your keyboard. You will notice a crosshair, this is fixed on your mouse point. Press E or click your mouse to shoot. You can shoot every half a second, to give Firearm time to reload his deadly pistol. The bullets don't destroy when they hit the crosshair, so just use it for direction!

Gamepads- The right trigger aims the crosshair, the right trigger fires the gun! You can shoot every half a second, to give Firearm time to reload his deadly pistol. The bullets don't destroy when they hit the crosshair, so just use it for direction!



Firearm's jumping is low but fast, so jump with this in mind!



The main enemy is Ripper, a criminal with a taste for electricity, who rose to assassinate the leader of Victoria, after making the city mentally dead and physically broken, through the spread of his drug. In levels, Ripper is typically to your left. He floats in the air, flying towards you followed by a giant cloud of thunder. In there he stores his abilities, able to shoot electricity at you, warp the screen, or summon smaller enemies to fall around you. If you run too slow, he will catch you and kill you!

As the main enemy, Ripper is the main objective. After successfully completing all the levels and collecting all the machine parts, you will take him on in his lair, seeking to destroy his power, and then him, using all 3 of the characters.



Ripper isn't the only enemy in Victoria. As a magical criminal, Ripper had gained quite a following in the city from two types of people- the runners and the heavies. Both are criminals from the streets and sewers.


Brutes: These guys and big, tough, and can pound the life our of you. But they are slow! Vault over them however possible, and take them out from behind.


Runners: Quick, agile, and super dangerous. These women hold hand-held saws you don't want to get close to. When they see you, they will run towards you. Your best chance is to block and take less damage, then finish them off, or blast them away from afar!

There is however a turret. These turrets were originally made to watch over the city as an unmanned police force, shouting instructions. The Runners hacked the turrets, adding guns to the front. Avoid them if you can! And mind their flying friends too.


For a Steampunk game, the music just has to be incredible. In our menus and some of the smaller levels, old silent movie and victorian music is used, provoking drama, or light-hearted fun!

There is also an exclusive set of music given to the game by the incredible Off Limits, in support of the game. They are a German band with a hugely Steampunk style, performing at many events, and their music is really good.

You can check them out here: http://www.offlimits.de1.cc/
And you can check out their music: Music Sample


CHEAT! Holding r-i-p-p-e-r whilst in the comic book unlocks all the story pages!


The current team:


(Katherine Riverwood) - Core Development/Lead, programming, design etc.


(Aaron Truehitt / Debbie Kjernsholen) - Artists


(Off Limits) - Game level Soundtrack


(Ross Tunney)- New Reality Games - PR, Marketing and Distribution


(Simon Streatfeild)- Character animation.

(Mike McGee)- Story comic artist.

Gaming Way

J’ai déjà pu vous guider vers TallStory Studios et son projet Guardians of Victoria, qui s’appelait simplement Victoria à cette époque, lors d’un épisode de ma rubrique consacrée à Steam Greenlight. Approfondissons désormais le sujet suite à mon entretien avec Katherine Riverwood, fondatrice du studio et du jeu en question.

Gamingway : Salut Katherine ! Commençons avec une présentation de toi-même, comprenant ton parcours et tes activités à TallStory Studios.

One Angry Gamer

A new side-scrolling, platforming runner called Victoria: Sky City has recently landed on Steam Greenlight. Designed by Tall Story Studios, the title features three playable characters in a steam-punk Victorian city named Victoria.

The game is a little bit like Vector, insofar that players will have an antagonist chasing them down and their objective is to escape while also beating other baddies, dealing with turrets and even having to solve some platforming puzzles.

Buy it here!

This project has seen great collaborations with some amazing freelance artists, animators and musicians. As well as being the never first game for myself and the studio.
You can check out about the game, under the ‘Game’ tab. This game is one from the heart, with a great story, and very unique and interesting gameplay. I believe this game to be a rare piece to add to your collection! And it is currently in beta, with lots of great updates based on YOUR feedback, and the next bits of story meaning more comic pages, and more levels! Beta means getting it earlier than your friends, and getting it cheaper too! So grab it while you can.

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