Features added already

  1. - Ability to name your area and self.
  2. - Full editable map with random generation and seed creation, as well as the ability to paint tiles with various brushes. (also allows for massively customisable map difficulties.
  3. - Ability to name buildings.
  4. - Clickable tiles that provide resources and special items- tiles have health and can be killed off if overworked.
  5. - Ability to build resource buildings and assign workers to adjust the production rates (upgrades too).
  6. - House building and population adjustments through automatic or manual growth.
  7. - Movable menu and toggleable menus- some include special items inventory, town profile, general worker assignments, and resource counts.
  8. - Scaled research into events, production rates, special item rates and click power.
  9. - Randomly generating other tile types (like sand with cacti).
  10. - Running out of food or having excess population enacts a timer that on zero, kills off your population slowly.
  11. - A town halls expand dominion area.
  12. - No coal means no production.
  13. - Save up to 5 locations and use 1-2-3-4-5 to jump to them- leave positional markers.
  14. - Ability to plant forest or grass tiles at the cost of herbs. Can also insta-destroy tiles and collect the production.
  15. - Events menu that shows the most recent event or the 8 most recent.
  16. - Build roads and paths that add buffs to all production.!
  17. - When hovering over a building icon, you can click and drag the box out. it forms a mini UI so you can see build requirements while you collect resources.
  18. - Seasons with seasonal effects. See the land turn to snow, of the leaves turn to orange piles on the ground, as resource production and events alter to match the new conditions.
  19. -  Create res building animations when workers are assigned.
  20. - Markets have 3 levels with 3 different trade options. Depending on the time of year build, once a year a trader will arrive and unlock the ability to trade those items. Markets can be made just cosmetic too.
  21. - Storage buildings can be built which increase how much room your dominion has to store items!
  22. - Assign explorers as a worker role for your populous! Explorers will explore the area, filling a bar that culminates in the collecting of a chest. Chests max to 6 unopened at the bottom of the UI, and can be opened by dragging a key over the top. Keys are obtained randomly as a drop when click tiles for resources.
  23. - There are also different ruins randomly placed around the world. Each has a different requirement for the amount of explorers needed to search the area. After 2 minutes you are rewarded with a golden chest.
  24. Unlike many games that employ a some-what similar mechanic, the ruins will not be removed on searching! So you can keep it as a historical site for example. Or you can choose to demolish it if you want to.
  25. Missions - completing missions provides rewards and teaches you about game mechanics.

Planned features

Please note that this list of features is not certainly and is frequently being added to and taken from based on what is possible.